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Litigation Support & Services

Certified Reporters & Interpreters

Need something done right?

Trust those certified to do the job, Bean & Associates has you covered with the most qualified language Interpreters and Transcribers.


 Need litigation support outside of town? Call Bean, we love to travel!


Here, There, Everywhere...

"Set with Bean"

In-house Full-Service Legal Videography Department

We provide 

  • Video Depositions & Witness statements

  • Secure Videoconferencing

  • Time-stamping & Video/Audio Synchronization

  • Videographers, Professional lighting

  • ELMO doc-cam provided with Videographer

  • Courtroom quality video, recorded anywhere

  • Finished edited video on DVD or USB

  • HD video cameras & high-grade microphones to assure that everything is captured

  • Audio transcription


This includes a downloadable, certified, E-Tran/PDF copy of an official transcript. In addition a physical copy (or copies) can be delivered or mailed upon request.

E-Transcripts/PDF can also be ordered as condensed transcripts

Zoom & Polycom Capable

Bean & Associates is equipped with state-of-the-art Zoom and Polycom technology for videoconferencing which is always readily available at all our locations. Videoconferencing is an indispensable tool of today's court reporting & litigation industry.

Realtime Instant Transcripts

Realtime certified court reporters are able to convert the spoken word into English text instantly into a feed that can be read, streamed, broadcast, searched, and archived.


Realtime includes broadcast captioning and translation services for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as providing near-instant translation in legal and other settings.

Conference & Mediation Rooms

Bean & Associates maintains secure, soundproof conference rooms at every location - perfect for your next deposition, arbitration, hearing, or mediation. 


Each location comes with a fully stocked kitchen, free Wifi and parking validation.

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